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Top view of a fried egg dish

What’s your idea of the perfect brunch? Next time you decide to leave your apartments in Spring for a midday meal, we hope you bring plenty of friends, eat the right combo of sweet and savory food, and top it off with a light, fruity drink. If you ask us, that’s all you need for a perfect brunch.


In this week’s post, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated brunch spots near Rise Spring Cypress. We’re basing these rating on Yelp reviews, because who better to talk about awesome brunch spots than people who have been there already? We’ve attached a review to each eatery, and we hope these help you decide where to go next time you need a meal between breakfast and lunch!


Without further delay, let’s take a look at the list. When you’re done reading through this blog, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of apartments near Spring.


Toasted Yolk


“The Fried Arnold is a play on classic eggs benedict. Instead of Canadian bacon it comes with fried chicken tenders and in place of hollandaise sauce, they give you sausage gravy. “


Barbara P.


How amazing does that sound? This place specializes in huge breakfast scrambles that look as amazing as they taste. The positions are absolutely massive, and the waitstaff is friendly and willing to suggest options if you don’t know what to get.


Ellen’s Cafe


“Great breakfast and even better people.  Ms. Jessica, her husband and her staff are warm and inviting and ready to take care of you.”


Chad K.


Sometimes, the best move at brunch is to keep it simple. Ellen’s Cafe is a fantastic option for anyone who’s tired of the trendy brunch movement and just wants some well-made eggs, bacon and toast. You know a place has to be good when a Yelp reviewer knows the name of the owner!


Blue Giraffe


“Eclectic, owner-run coffee shop for those in the Woodlands/Spring longing for something more organic than franchises. “


— Tami G.


This is one of the whimsical places you’ll find in all of Texas, let alone Spring. The Blue Giraffe looks like it was dreamed up by kids, but the staff is serious about making amazing food and coffee concoctions.


Belle’s Kitchen


“I love their home fries; potatoes are good & hot, seasoned well. Eggs cooked perfect, huge warm tortillas & crispy bacon.“


Tenia O.


This one-room restaurant serves fresh, spicy tex-mex breakfast options, and it comes out quick! If you need no-hassle breakfast with the family, check out Belle’s Kitchen. We love this place because the waiters don’t mess around by making you wait to sit, wait to order, or wait for your check. It’s a get in and get out type of place, but the food is better than you’d expect from a place with such quick service.  


Those are all the brunch recommendations we’ve got for y’all this week, residents! We’d like to thank you for taking some time out of your day to hang out with us here on the Rise Spring Cypress blog page. We hope you’re able to visit these brunch spots next time you and your friends wake up hungry on a Sunday.

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